What is [CG] ?

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What is [CG] ?

Post by Admin on Wed May 21, 2014 10:47 am

What is [CG]?

We are a small gaming community, called Crystal Gaming, with members from different countries all around the world ranging from ages 14 - 40. Meaning you will find people of all ages here, which we think you'll find are quite nice and warm people. As a member of [CG] you do not pay for membership or servers. Though, we do welcome donations to help pay expenses and future upgrades so we can keep running all our servers and keep up with running costs of equipment. Having fun playing on our servers and enjoying chatting with other members on teamspeak is more important to us then having the highest score or being the best player.

Currently we are running one Garry's Mod server which is a DarkRP . And we plan on expanding soon with another S.W.A.T 4 server which will be running Capture/extraction/tdm

What requirements do we ask for?

You must be 14years or older.
You must have a microphone and it needs to be of proper quality so we can hear what you're saying (You can pick up a cheap usb mic at any store these days for almost nothing)
You must speak, write and read english/norwegian (make yourself understood and make others comprehend what you're saying). We do not expect perfect grammar, just enough for you to make yourself understood to others on the forum, and especially on the servers. As you will be administrating and doing a lot of interaction with other players.
Above all else, we are looking for mature and dedicated members.

Being a [CG] member also means you must follow the rules on the servers and, if needed, explain them to new player and regulars.
To be able to do so, you need to know them well. You can find the rules here:

(link coming)

Always remember that you need to set an example for other players, no matter how hard that can sometimes be.
As a [CG]Member you should visit the forum at least once a week and check topics for updates and news.

Teamspeak info

Address = (coming soon)
Port = (coming soon)
Username/Nick = <insert nick here>
Password = (coming soon)

You can download the teamspeak client in the following link.
Make sure you check if you have a 64bit OS before you go ahead and download the 64bit client.
You can also look at our tutorial on how to register on this forum and where and how to install teamspeak here.

Please configure your TS for push to talk, the install/setup wizard will show you how to do this.

Quickest way of getting into the clan?
Join teamspeak shortly after you apply and keep coming on when you play!
Let us get to know you as a person (we are not interested in how good of a player you are, personality all the way!)
Spend as much time as possible on the servers, forum & teamspeak
Your application will not be considered before we see you on teamspeak.
Your application will be rejected 3 days after your initial application date if you fail to join us on teamspeak and spend time with us there.

If you don't have all requirements needed, it does not mean you can't apply.
We can make exceptions on multiple or all points in the requirements list depending on who you are and what qualities you have. Not filling all the requirements doesn't mean you can't apply, we welcome all who apply for membership. Failing to fill one requirement should not discourage you from applying. Head on over to the membership section of the forum and grab a registration form and start filling out and we'll just see what we can do.

If you have any other questions, contact us on e-mail: kevin-crystalgaming@hotmail.com, post it on the forum or simply join us on ts and we will help you.




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