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Post by Admin on Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:46 pm


1.1 While these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure the server is not disrupted or abused in any way.

1.2 Users are not to attempt to circumvent a temporary ban or other administrator action, unless there is enough proof. The called staff member decides for how much time the ban will be applied, and then report to a high-rank staff member

1.3 The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, etc. as noted in these rules is up to staff and not users. In addition, we reserve the right to ban (temporarily or permanently) anyone who willfully violates the server rules, as access to the server is a privilege and not a right.

1.4 Unless specified otherwise for a specific rule (i.e immediate punishment), punishments are handed out after the user has received only one (1) warning and has chosen to disregard it. Depending on how much serious is the problem, punishments might be applied without warnings.

1.5 Do not expect an admin to take any action for any situation without substantial proof!

1.6 Use English only in global chat (OOC or advert). Other languages are allowed in talk, yell, whisper, and group chat.

1.7 Do not apply other server rules to this server! They need to be allowed by a superadmin or above, and then reported to an owner when applied.

1.8 Do not argue with an admin. Normally this leads to problems. If you have an issue with an admin please post it up on our forums.

1.9 Do not tell an admin how to do their job. We might be busy right now.

1.10 Do not impersonate an admin or any player. That includes same RP name, and will get you kicked or banned immediately.

1.11 Do not spam-drop weapons. This means don't dupe your ammo by dropping it.

1.12 Do not mislead players with incorrect rules. If you are not sure that a player has thought out this rule, ask an admin, or check the rules section.

1.13 Do not request an admins assistance in unnecessary situations; only rule breaking. This includes asking for money, or other items that can change RP situations.

1.14 Do not encourage rule breaking. Encountering rulebreaking like killing a player to prevent him mass RDMing is also not allowed.


2.1 Conduct
Players are expected to keep their language clean and treat fellow players with respect at all times. Use of discriminatory slurs will not be tolerated and will result in punishment without warning. This includes, but is not limited to, slurs based on gender, race, ethnicity, or sexual preference. Insulting other players for any reason will not be tolerated. Inform an admin of any players not following the rules.

2.1.1 No racism. Racism will result in an immediate permanent ban of the offending user, no exceptions.

2.1.2 No exploiting. Exploiting is the act of using or abusing a game mechanic in ways originally unintended by the game’s developers for the specific purpose of angering or otherwise negatively impacting the game or experience of another player or making an unfair advantagement over others.

2.1.3 No trolling. Trolling is an attempt to anger and provoke a specific player on the server, and will result in a ban. Keep your mouth shut when it is an admin, you're going in deep trouble.

2.1.4 No flaming. Flaming includes, but is not limited to: Ridiculing, insulting, or demeaning another member or group of members.

2.2.1 No advertising. Spreading links to other sites, groups, servers, outside of the Crystal Gaming Network is not allowed.

2.3.1 No inappropriate micspam or sprays. This includes yiff, hentai, or porn sprays. If any part of the body is being squeezed, grabbed, or touched inappropriately, the spray must be placed inside of your house. Also, if anything is "protruding" from the body (Clothed), it must also stay in your house. Sprays inside your house do not include shops or public gaming areas. Any sprays with inappropriately exposed body parts are not allowed. Inappropriate micspam or sprays will result in an immediate ban.

2.3.2 Do not use your microfone if it has problems, or if you are underage and have a squeaky voice. Do not play music or noisy, and generally annoying sounds through it. Squeaking is an offense, that will get a person gagged, and warned, and might result in a ban eventually.

2.4 Glitching/Exploitation/Hacking or Scripts
Exploitation of glitches, speed-hacking, all scripts (including Bunny Hopping) or flooding the server with requests in order to overwhelm the server will not be tolerated whatsoever. Permanent bans will result, no warnings. Console detects unknown scripts (forcedly ran by the user) and permabans immediately.


3.1 Random Death-Match (RDM)
Killing is allowed, but you must have a legitimate reason. You cannot kill someone just because you want to. Killing is NEVER permitted at spawn!

3.2.1 New Life Rule (NLR)
Is always in effect. New life rule lasts 5 minutes. Use Steam Overlay “shift+tab” to get your clock ingame to verify time. This means you can't go back to the same location for 5 minutes (This also includes if you are not RPing; This is so you don't get in the way). You don't remember anything from your past life.

This means: You can't put a hit on the person who killed you right after you died; You can't arrest/warrent someone who killed you. You can't get a revenge kill on the person who killed you.

3.2.2 NLR is void if the RP situation or crime is over (raid over, mug over, etc.).

3.3 Prop Rules
Players are free to spawn props to build or decorate with. However, players are not allowed to use props to build a house in the open world.

3.3.1 Prop Killing. Killing players with props is not allowed. That includes using slider/hydraulic doors.

3.3.2 Prop Spamming. Spamming props is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban and prop removal.

3.3.3 Prop Climbing/Pushing/Surfing. Prop climbing is only allowed in areas where players can already freely access. You can make ladders and walkways to parts of the map that are already accessible by players. Props may never be used to gain access into someone home you do not have permission to enter. Using props to reach a roof that you can't access by foot (excludes Climb SWEP), is strictly not allowed.

3.3.4 Prop Blocking.

1.) Prop blocking a passage, entryway, or player is not allowed. However, you may use a fading door (via the fading door tool) to prop block an entry. Refer to Rule 3.9 for more details.
2.) You cannot set up a road block that blocks off a whole section or street. This involves making it at the entrance of the tunnels. If you are caught killing people making a roadblock you'll be kicked \ Banned. Tolling is strictly not allowed. However, checkpoints made by CPs to check for suspicious cargo or items, is allowed after permission from admin or above.
3.) You're allowed to block all the entrances to a building except for at least one entry-exit point to the building.

3.3.5 You are not allowed to do any of the following:
1.) Spawning props in other peoples homes/property.
2.) Building in areas that obstruct the public. That includes streets, walkways and parkings.
3.) Tampering with players creations/props.
4.) Floating props/bases. Flying vehicles are strictly not allowed
5.) Invisible props. Highly punishable.
6.) Building inappropriate structures with props.
7.) Spawning Props in the jail is not allowed. Only the CP Cheif and Mayor are allowed to build in the PD.
8.) Putting thrusters on an object to make it fly around the map is not allowed as well as using hoverballs to prop climb or to create air bases.

3.4 Illegal Items
Mayor/Cops/S.W.A.T. have gun licenses by default. If you have a gun license you still cannot have it out in public unless you are cop/S.W.A.T. You can get arrested if seen so.

These items are ALWAYS illegal:
Money printers
All drugs, excluding weed, alcohol and aspirine
Machine guns (excludes FG42 and M1918BAR)
Anti-materiel rifles
TEC-9 Auto
Raiding equipment (lockpicks, keypad crackers)
Grenades (except for SWAT)

These items are illegal unless specified by major:

These items are legal unless specified by major:
Assault rifles
Sniper rifles
High-caliber revolvers (.40 and above)
Sub Machine Guns
Semi-automatic rifles/SMGs (can be specifically allowed/disallowed)
Automatic weaponry

These items are ALWAYS legal:
Revolvers with caliber less than .40

3.5 Jobs
A.) Job demotion is not allowed based on your dislike of a player, or if they have a job you want to play. If you have a legitimate reason to demote, a vote may be started.
B.) You are NOT allowed to drop weapons that you have not purchased. These are weapons that come automatically with your job class. This includes dropping it so you can save it from a job demotion or a job change. This also means you can't drop the class weapons to give it to another player.
C.) You are allowed to drop weapons that you paid cash for from a Gun Dealer or Black Market Dealer.
D.) Jobs that are meant to deal items MUST sell things. If you feel like someone who you sell to is a threat, you are allowed to not sell to them; however, this can only be applied to a small group of people on the server. These jobs include:
Gun Dealer
Drug Dealer
Black Market Dealer

E.) The following jobs are allowed to raid and mug:

Mafia leader
Mafia member

3.5.1 Police Officer Rules
1.) Civil Protection members must follow the orders of the Chief (Or SWATs to follow lieutenant/commander(commander is higher rank than lieutenant)). You may be demoted for not following orders.
2.) You must have a good reason to arrest someone. Most crimes do not deserve an arrest, use your stunstick for what it was meant for.
3.) No stun sticking abusing. You must have a valid reason to stun stick someone.
4.) You must have a good reason to put someone on the wanted list.
5.) You must have a good reason to obtain a search warrant for someone. Sparks through a wall, printer explosions, and mass gunfire are the lowest level of accepted evidence. Illegal weaponry is a valid reason.
6.) Do not abuse your powers as a police officer. This will get you demoted.
7.) There is no such thing as a “corrupt cop”. Stick to your job, if you want to do something illegal be a gang member.
8.) You can shoot people who are wanted only if in danger or chasing after for a least 120 seconds.
9.) You can only sell gun license up to a maximum of 500.
10.) CP, Swat and Secret Service jobs are not allowed to place a hit, unless on a validly wanted criminal.
11.) CP are not allowed to own doors or a base. This excludes small maps.

3.5.2 Gang Rules
Applies to all gangs (leader/member)
1.) Killing cops just because they are cops is never allowed. If they happen to see you AND pursue you for doing something illegal, then it is okay to shoot them.
2.) Breaking NLR as a gang member is just as serious. If your base is being raided, you cannot come back to the base for at least 5 minutes (or until that RP situation is over)!
3.) If there are 2 Mafia Leaders, they can not work together. They are both leading rival gangs.

3.5.3 Crimes
1.) Raids, carjacks, mugs and kidnaps are adverted BEFORE breaking in the property/threatening the person.
2.) You can kill a person ONLY if they do not do what they are supposed to when mugged or kidnapped. Averting mug and directly killing is NOT allowed.
3.) Kidnapping a person can happen only if both (kidnapper and victim) are close to the area where kidnap is being done. A kidnap area is prepared BEFORE attempting kidnap.
4.) Mugging is limited to a max amount of 300$. If a person cannot pay with his current wallet money, he may go to an ATM to get some cash. If a person cannot pay in any possible way, it is allowed for you to kidnap him or make him do some favours for your advantagement. Raid rules
1.) In a raid, you cannot shoot any person that is not a threat. Instead, you can kidnap that person and get even more money.
2.) To raid someone, you must have a valid reason. These reasons include: firearms possession, illegal items possession. Raids without a reason IS NOT allowed!
3.) Cooldown between raiding a different property is 10 minutes after ending it. Cooldown between raiding the same property is 20 minutes.

3.5.4 Hitman Rules
Applies to hitmans and super hitman.
1.) You are only allowed to accept a hit on the same person once every 20 minutes.
2.) You, as a Hitman, can not place hits on people. This includes ordering a hit as Assassin, Hitman, Superhitman.
3.) Do not place or accept hits on players that are spawning. (The Hitman will be breaking the spawn protection rule)
4.) Do not place or accept a hit on an admin that is on duty.
5.) Do not accept hits from CP, Swat or Secret Service Jobs, as they are not allowed to place hits. It is allowed only if the target is a wanted person.
6.) You cannot work only for a single individual or for a single gang/group of people. A hitman is a person with contracts from many people, and cannot be hired as protection/raid assist (Only Assassin is allowed to assist in raids, but only killing the required group.)
7.) You must have a valid reason for assassinating the Mayor, and then only after a 5 minute allowance for the person to be Mayor, so he can given a chance to show his abilities as the job.
8.) You can accept a contract for a group assassination, but that group is to be only CP/Mafia. Random people (such as citizens or other mafia members) put in the group are not allowed.

3.5.5 Mayor Rules
1.) Mayor cannot make laws that void/conflict with the MOTD rules.
2.) Mayor cannot make laws that are unrealistic. (No running/jumping, etc. is NOT allowed.)
3.) Mayor should only be creating laws that are valid and reasonable.
4.) The only gun you are allowed to have is a semi-automatic pistol, revolver or semi-automatic SMG.
5.) You must have a valid reason for assassinating the Mayor, and then only after a 5 minute allowance for the person to be Mayor, so he can given a chance to show his abilities as Mayor.
6.) You can only do a lock down once every 15 minutes, and it can't last any longer than 8 minutes.
7.) You can not own money printers.
8.) You must have a valid reason for lockdown.

3.5.6 Thief Rules
1.) You must call your raids, and you still follow the 20 minute raiding rule.
2.) You can not work together with cops. (This breaks rule for cops.)
3.) You are allowed to help the gangsters.

3.5.7 Medic Rules
1.) The maximum that you can charge for healing is $100 for 100 HP (basically 1$/HP). There is no minimum.
2.) You can not be a personal healer for a gang or cops. You must heal everyone.
3.) The only gun you are allowed to have is a semi-automatic pistol or revolver.

3.6 Meta-gaming is never allowed. This means saying that this is how you do it in real life, or applying rules from other servers. Also includes using OOC (Out Of Character) chat as source for information.

3.7 You are not allowed to do any of the following:
1.) Spamming paint.
2.) Spamming job votes.
3.) Abusing your job. Do what your job was intended for. Using a job for it's resources and then changing is job abuse. This includes changing to a dealer just to get guns, then changing to a job.
4.) Spamming text screens/signs. If they say the same general thing then do not put more than one in the same general area.
5.) Putting signs on other peoples property.
6.) Shooting at someone without valid reasoning. You must have a reasonable cause for shooting at someone.
7.) Spamming your camera flash.
8.) Spamming your flashlight.
9.) Making money printer bombs.
10.) Using RT camera inside anyone's base without the owners permission.
11.) Kidnap someone and hold them behind a door with a keypad. It cannot be behind a keypad because they can never escape. Normal map doors only. Excludes self-made rooms with keypads on both inside and outside.
12.) Weapon checking someone as Security Guard outside the property you're guarding.
13.) Keypad crack/battering ram without a valid warrant as law enforcement.
14.) Making a sign that is a message to/against another player. Use signs for your own job/property.
15.) Blocking other peoples sign with your own sign.
16.) Buy health while in the middle of a fight.
17.) You are not allowed to repetitively knock on someone's door. If they tell you to stop, you should stop. They are allowed to kill you if you don't.

3.8 Kill On Site (KOS) Lines
1.) These lines can only start after your first actual door to your house. This excludes self-made fading doors.
2.) You are not allowed to kill trespassers who left. If they leave after trespassing, you cannot kill them at all unless they are actively trespassing.
3.) You can not advertise KOS for anything outside your house, such as sidewalks, standing in front of house, keypads etc. This excludes properties that are surrounded by fences.

3.9 Basing
1.) Your property is only allowed to have at most 3 locks (map doors, devices used to open fading doors, or any doors that require a keypad) to the farthest room in succession to get to your goods.
2.) You must create a keypad on both sides of each door to allow entry through the door. The open door must be accessible for at least 5 seconds, or can be toggled. The keypad must clearly correspond to which door it unlocks. A keypad needs to be exactly next to the fading door that it unlocks.
3.) You must have visible keypads connected to each of your non-map doors within a reasonable distance. Keypads cannot be put in an area that is hardly reachable or not easily visible, such as behind a map door, at ceiling, or floor
4.) All doors you own must be able to be keypad cracked and/or lockpicked.
5.) You can not materialize (or make opaque) a prop that you can shoot through.
6.) One way props (props transparent through only one direction) are NEVER allowed. Materializing a prop for another to become one is strictly not allowed.
7.) **REMOVED**
8.) Semi-solid props (you can shoot through them, but you cannot pass through them, and even walk on them) are not allowed when making bases, only allowed for exterior and non-materialized!
9.) You can not own doors within a property when the primary door(s) (entrances) of the property are already owned by someone else.
10.) You can not buy every door in a hotel/apartment building unless you are roleplaying the manager or are using every room behind the front doors.
11.) You can not build outside of your property other than signs or keypads.
12.) You can not have more than two keypads connected to the same one door.
13.) You can not manually close doors by using a button on your keyboard to prevent someone from getting in AKA fading door abuse. That also includes spam-closing doors. Pressing buttons from the inside is also not allowed since it's more than easy to repeat again and again
14.) You can not have multiple fading doors stacked next to each other. All bases are to be raidable by a single person. Fading doors must not trap players, where they can be easily shot.
15.) You can not have bases that require crouching through a tunnel.
16.) You can not have any small crack or "sniping hole" that you can shoot players through. Other players must be able to see your chest and above when you shoot at them.
17.) You can not claim public property unless you are a hobo and the property you claim does not obstruct other players. You are allowed to claim certain public property approved by a super admin (or higher).
18.) You can not own any map doors as a hobo.
19.) When you are building a base, you may put up "currently building" signs at the front of your base. During your building phase, you are not allowed to have money printers, drugs, or anything roleplay related on your property, however, other players are not allowed to raid or kill you. You must be actively building.
20.) If a player raids you, they should be able to get off your property using the same tools (lockpicks and/or keypad crackers) they needed to get in. Do not build in a way that would prolong the time it takes for a player to leave your property. Remember, if you die, you can not come back to your property until the roleplay situation is over and the player leaves your property.
21.) CP are not allowed to own doors or a base, unless PD is small (similar to rp_downtown_v4d)
22.) All bases are to be strictly tight, without having holes!

3.10 DarkRP Laws

Note: These are illegal at all times!

1.) Throwing bug bait.
2.) Black Market items: keypad cracker, lockpick, unarrest stick, or stunstick are illegal to be sold/have in possession/carry.
3.) Corrupt law enforcement. Note: Bannable offense
4.) Trespassing.
5.) Graffiti anywhere except for within your own property.
6.) Murdering/Attacking/Assaulting/Injuring in public.
7.) Publicly drawn gun/knife.
8.) Causing public disturbance. Multiple complaints are required for this to be taken serious.
9.) Fight clubs.
10.) Money printers.
11.) Stealing/Destroying other players goods.

3.11 Wire Rules

1.) You can not hook up users to money printers to collect money from them remotely.
2.) You can not make money printer finders.
3.) You can not use Forcers to push players.

3.12 Bank Rules

1) You can not abuse the Banker job just to rob the bank or help another do it.
2) You can't rob the bank and wait for the bank to be robbable (cooldown passing), by camping inside and killing everyone coming in.
3) Goverment can break NLR to protect the bank for raids. Acceptable NLR is 5 minutes.

3.12 Hobo Rules
(also applies to Hobo Overlord)

1.) You can not own any doors as a hobo.
2.) You can not claim public property unless the property you claim does not obstruct public. You are not allowed to build on streets.
3.) If you throw bug bait at people, they are allowed to kill you after they give you a warning.
4.) You are allowed to own guns. However, due to the reason a hobo is with no education, you cannot use them (fire them). Only selling is allowed.
5.) Peeing in public is illegal and the government has the full right to arrest you.

3.13 Car Rules

1.) Don't run people over unless they stand in your way and refuse to move.
2.) You can not make it so your car does not collide with anything. Cars need to have collisions at all times!
3.) Do not ram players or other cars on purpose. Avoid crashing at all costs!

3.14 Rapist Rules -----REMOVED

1.) Rapists Must call /advert Rape too be able to rape peopls
2.) Rapists can only rape the same person 1 time each 20 minute
3.) Rapists can only wear light gun dealer weapons.

3.15 Kidnapper's Rules

1.) Kidnapper MUST call /advert Kidnap (name) to be able to kidnapp.
2.) The kidnapper MUST be in a range of at least 5 metres of the victim
3.) The kidnapper can only keep a prisoner jailed for maximum 15 minutes. No longer than that. After that he has to be released or killed.
4.) Kidnapper can only kidnap the same person 1 time each 30 minutes after the victim already has been set free.
5.) If a kidnapper approaches anyone that doesn't carry a gun, then Fear RP has to be played by the victim. This means that if the kidnapper has a gun pointed, the victim tries to save his own life at all costs.
6.) ***REMOVED***
7.) If the victim does not use FearRP when he is supposed to, the kidnapper may contact admins and report it.
8.) Victims are NOT allowed to lockpick a door or use keypad cracker while trapped. The only possibility is to guess the keycode of the keypad inside.

3.16 Spiderman's Rules

1.) Spiderman is one kind of law enforcer (Hero. His job is helping peoples that are getting mugged, terrorized, kidnapped and so on.
2.) He can also support the Cops.
3.) Spiderman can only carry Semi-automatic pistols or revolvers.
4.) spiderman can not attend to raids, kidnapping, mugs and so on. Spiderman cannot help any criminal jobs!

3.17 Terrorist Rules

1.) Terrorists MUST call /advert Terrorism to terrorize
2.) Terrorists can only terrorize 1 time each 10 minutes, and with a reason for so. You cannot use terrorism to just kill others!
3.) A terrorist is only allowed to kill government employees (cops, SWAT, president). Other personages are to be ignored unless they attack.

3.18 The Ultimate Hacker Rules

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a support job.

1.) The ultimate hacker does not work with people. He can not work with other hackers but he can be hired by the police (law enforcer) or thieves.
2.) He can not raid bases himself. But he can help thieves out for an example:
if a thief hire him. he can hack the enemie base's keypads in order to get them to raid the base.
3.) Hackers are not allowed to tell thieves the password of an enemies base.
4.) Hackers are not alowed to hack the keypad for a police. He MUST tell the police the password that was discovered.
5.) He may carry guns, but only for self protection. Only allowed weapons are semi-automatic pistols/revolvers.
6.) The main objective for this job is gaining information about peoples and their bases, and peoples can pay him for the information.
7.) You are not allowed to crack a keypad or hack a vehicle for no reason. You must be a hired for the job!

3.19 Mercenary Rules
1.) You cannot raid, mug or carjack unless the person who hired you ordered you to do it.
2.) You can be hired ONLY for one crime, you cannot act as a teammate at all times, or be always together with a group of people.
3.) Do not accept hires from a person without a valid reason.
4.) After you finish your job with a client, ask if anyone wants anything done, and first ask people who asked you while "working".
5.) Mercenaries cannot hire other mercenaries!

3.20 Marauder Rules
1.) You are a hostile person and a lone wolf, you cannot team with anyone, hire mercenaries or hire guards. You can only order hits.

3.21 Other Rules
1.) Protect your life at all times and try not to get involved in raids. You can send your teammates to do a raid if you are the leader to avoid being shot.
2.) If a person aims a gun at you, you cannot just be like a cowboy, taking out a gun and shooting him off. If he is the first who aims a gun, do not do anything or do what he says to avoid being killed. Still, you can close doors and lock them before he tries to open.
3.) You CANNOT shoot through non-transparent props, walls or other map entities. You need to see the person to actually shoot him. You cannot use blind fire to take him out, then take all the goodies.


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