How to write afk Topic.-

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How to write afk Topic.-

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:56 am

If you are going to be offline from crystal-gaming for a while we require you to write an AFK topic in order to not get demoted.
Remember if you are just a donator, you wont become demoted, the demotion only goes for staff that are inactive.

When you write and afk topic its up to you what info you choose to display to us,
you dont have to give up your reason  o us if you dont want to. butwhat we need is to know an CA time and date from when oure going to be inactive to when your'e coming back. we dont need to be 100 percent corect. but try as acurate as you can to make us able to have a picture of how long your'e going to be inactive.

this is basically to sort out inactive staff.
Remember to check fo the days in the will see that you can set up dates from day to day. set the time and date there, and it will appear in calendar so we can keep an track of when youre coming back Very Happy


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