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Forum rules

Post by Admin on Wed May 21, 2014 10:58 am

  • The rules of our forum are quite simple.

  • Torrents and copyrighted material
    Any user of the forum, member or not will be banned without any notice.

  • Offensive/racist imagery or comments
    Depending on severity, you may be warned/suspended or banned. Posts will be deleted upon sight.

  • Raging and flaming
    This will get you nowhere. Be an adult or go spam


  • Spamming of any kind will be met with a warning, then a suspension from the forum and later a ban.


  • The shoutbox is for general chat only, not for complaints or reporting stuff. Use the forum, it's why it's there.


  • Advertisement for other clans and/or sites that are not related to [CG] is not allowed.

This is the short version of the rules, you can read more explained reasons for rules in the next post.


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