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I'm back (insert Arnold Schwarzeneger) Empty I'm back (insert Arnold Schwarzeneger)

Post by icis4 on Sat Aug 30, 2014 1:28 pm

While being at my village doing all kinds of crazy shizzle, I also did

something that might be used on the server. Massively updated all

kinds of shizzle and suggestions, and now I'll make a full list here:

-Every pistol has recoil based on real-life experience, having every

single one increased.

-Highly increased recoil, based on videos and real-life experience.
-There will be TEC-9 and TEC-9 Auto Conversion. The difference is that

TEC-9 is semi-automatic and is sold by a gun dealer(currently light).

TEC-9 Auto is sold by a Black Market Dealer. Added because TEC-9 is

semi-automatic by default, and it is seen in automatic version because

of illegal conversions. Look at CS:GO TEC-9 for example.

Sniper rifles:
-Every sniper has much less hip-fire (run-n-gun) accuracy, by having

SVT-40 and Thompson G2 Condender with a lower effect of recoil/hip-

fire accuracy because SVT-40 is a rifle used mostly without a sniper

in WW2 and Thompson G2 is a one-shot pistol.(Thompson removed due to

-Also recoil was balanced for every single one.
-Anti-materiel rifles will be sold by the Black Market Dealer. You

cannot simply buy an anti-materiel rifle from a normal gun dealer

-The Barrett M82 is having a HUGE recoil. Reason for it is that it

weights 11 kilograms and uses a Heavy Machinegun catridge.

-Increased spread for every shotgun weapon. Shotguns with smaller

barrels are less accurate than long-barrel ones(realism though).
-Every shotgun was made so you can't kill a person with a single shot

(except in head or a distance ~3 metres).
-Recoil made much higher for every single one.
-Rebalanced Striker-12 with much higher recoil, lower damage and

slower reload time.
-Rebalanced USAS to fire lower number of pellets, lower damage and

lower rate of fire. Also changed clip size to 16.
-Rebalanced SPAS-12 to fire slower, less accurate, less pellets and

less damage.
-Rebalanced Jackhammer with high recoil.
-Every automatic shotgun(Jackhammer, Striker-12) will be sold by the

Black Market Dealer. Browning Auto 5 is normally sold by a gun dealer.

USAS and SPAS-12 will be VIP/Custom job weapons.
-Double Barrel might be back added after balancing.

Assault rifles:
-Higher recoil based on real-life experience. Some of them have a

guessed recoil and might not be realistic.
-A few rifles will be sold only by a Black Market Dealer, since some

of them are Battle Rifles, Military Use Rifles or Law Enforcement, and

cannot be bought in a regular gun shop.
-M14 now has 20 round clip, but is more expensive.

The crafting system might be ready until the end of September, if I

have time. It won't be easy though, I have to do all the shizzle for

the entities list.

Food might be added since I fixed infinite health glitch.

Special catridges will be done by 15th September. That means that you

have to take a look at what weapon you are using before using it.
---HUEHUEHUE, I chose 15th September because you know why. HUEHUEHUE

Offer for Kevin to make a forum section called Rule Government. In

that section a person will suggest a rule, and staff will discuss upon

it. That will allow rules based not only by me and Kevin, but by


Custom job called "Politician". Before the president adds a new law,

it must be accepted by at least 50% of the politicians before being

added. That will take a bunch of time though.

Russian Mafia Leader will have a Bizon PP19 instead of Tommy Gun.

Russian Mafia Members will have a S&W M3 Russian.
Italian Mafia Leader will have a M92 Beretta, and Members will have a

SIG Sauer P229R.


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