I am Resigning as owner

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I am Resigning as owner Empty I am Resigning as owner

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 01, 2014 11:11 am

Because i dont have time to deal with the server wich i am very sorry for, as i got 3 jobs to keep my life running i have no other choice but resign myself from the position as owner.

and i am promoting the co-owner icis to the main owner.

so if you guys wonder about anything. go through him as he is now in charge and not me.

i will still be around from time to time. and also i will be working on website if needed.

i do have time to manage the forum. but not the server sadly.

so congratulations icis. :Smile

and to all of you, it have been a fun ride Smile

hope everyone will have a good time with the new owner.

i understand if it has been a lot of confusion and also been waiting for ages or well acutally months for server to be done.

but this is because of as i said i got 3 jobs, and a good owner must have time to do things for the server. and therefore i dotn concider myself as a good owner anymore and have chosed to resign.

im sorry everyone for letting you down.

PS: i will currently continue paying the server.

but as i said. icis is in the charge. not me.

good luck everyone.

PS: you can allways text me tho if u wonder about anything but do not send in requests to me ^^

but as i said i will be around from time to time Smile

i dont want to leave this community entirly that would be too sad ;'(

love you call crystal gamers!

I am Resigning as owner 7fffb96775

-Kevin (Crystal Gaming Founder)

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