im sad to say this but...

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im sad to say this but... Empty im sad to say this but...

Post by Admin on Tue Jan 06, 2015 1:01 pm

well i got some news. it is good for my life but bad when it comes to my gaming.

i have decided to go back to school after being in work in 4 years now.
reason for this choice is because i got a good opertunity. i got an offer to join a space technology program.
this means i will be taken up for university for space technology and industries, and might get job on satelite platforms and rocket launching sites.

this will increase my paycheck radically, but again i wont be able to play at all as it seem like for me right now because of the studies.

+ i have to move to and√ły in "nordland"

---- so yeh its gonna be very hard for me and my gf too so i dont know how this will work out yet but we will see.

im sad to say this but... 7fffb96775

-Kevin (Crystal Gaming Founder)

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