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Element X: The project

Post by icis4 on Sun Aug 31, 2014 4:02 pm

As of recently, I might have told some of you requests to work on a project with me and xxxSMDxxx. To the others I haven't, now you're read it. Me and him are planning to make an immersive Shooter/RPG, and we need a lot of help. Because none of you can actually work full time, I want you to do any assets possible so I can do it. You can also send sketches, even including story sketches.

So, about the game. A strange asteroid had fallen on Earth. It has a strange brightly shining, yellow crystal. While small shards were carried by scientists and workers, a worker's hand gets a small incineration.
2 weeks later, the strange crystal was already been checked and reports are ready. The crystal is the first element known to have a "Double-life". Rather than having a half-life, it gets bigger and bigger consuming other atoms in collision. The element has at least 137th atomic number. In order to consume an atom, the atom must have at least 1 proton, 3 neutrons and 1 electron. That allows containment in all isotopes of hydrogen and "vanilla" helium. Now comes the idea for an infinite energy reactor. You are being asked to participate or leave someone else do the job. The future is in your hands. Will you succeed and live in a perfect world? Will you fail and live in a post-apocalyptic world? Will you destroy the element and get followed by every possible organization? The choice is yours.

We accept sounds, textures, meshes and sketches. We bill be using Unreal Engine 4, for which meshes are mostly accepted in .fbx for characters and props or .obj for props.
On your choice, depending on what you give, you will get a share. You will be definitely mentioned in the credits for any help. We will start a Kick Starter project as soon as possible. I had spoken with a few high-class developers, including even idea givers/checkers from Epic Games, and they said that if the project succeedes, a lot of money will be given.

So, it is your turn now. We need your help. We are mainly technical designers so it will be great if you actually give any piece of yourself in this. Thanks a lot in advance.

A sketch of the first level, after the introduction, was made in Minecraft version. No resource pack required. Version 1.7.10 or more. Link: Minecraft World


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