*ChangeLog-2* Weapon Update

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*ChangeLog-2* Weapon Update Empty *ChangeLog-2* Weapon Update

Post by icis4 on Tue Nov 04, 2014 11:01 am

This contains the full list that has been done throughout this morning. The update contains ONLY weapon related updates. Full list posting now...

Major changes:
+KRISS Vector and TEC-9 now have 2 versions, having the automatic being sold by the Black Market Dealer, and the semi-automatic are sold normally by the Light Gun Dealer.

*Updated realistic recoil for EVERY weapon that is buyable/usable in-game by a non-admin.

*Sniper rifles now have AT LEAST 10 times worse accuracy in no-scope (HUEHUEHUE to 1337s) excluding SVT-40, Thompson Condender G2 and Remington 7615P, which have lower recoil since the basic weapon is not a sniper.

*USAS now has 16 rounds in clip, a slower fire rate, lower number of pellets and lower damage.

*SPAS-12 now has a much slower rate of fire, lower damage and lower number of pellets.

*Striker-12 now has a slower rate of fire, much higher recoil and a really slow reload time.

*M14 now has 20 rounds in a clip.

*KRISS Vector(both CRB and Auto) have 15 rounds in a clip. (Look at how small the clip is)

*Every weapon now uses a custom catridge. Not every weapon has its own catridge, some are repeating at some cases.

*Added buyable ammo for everyone in the F4 menu. All prices according to IRL ones.

*Weapon prices fixed according to IRL ones.

*Double Barrel Shotgun now has a much lower damage, at least twice lower number of pellets, and cannot kill a person in one shot unless in the head.

*No shotgun can kill a person in one hit, unless it is really close or a few pellets hit the head.

More changes to be added later, that's all from me for now.

Cya all, some or another time!


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