Important. Read if you wanna keep your rank.

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Important. Read if you wanna keep your rank.

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:01 pm

As we got a new forum, we have also gotten a brand new custom system.
So to start off with, i wanna talk a bit about our new auto demotion system.
This is basically what the name says, it auto demote peoples. to become auto demoted you must have been away from the forum or inactive for a certain time.
To avoid being demoted etc when you're on vacation. Write an AFK topic in the afk section and set the time from when youre going to be away to when you come back. this gets auto updated with the calendar, and then the auto demotion system will not interfere with you until the expire date of your AFK post..

Now i was thinking to talk a bit what happens if you do not register on the new forum.
AS we have changed to this new forum now, it is an requirement for everyone that they do register on this forum as the other forum will be termitated very soon.
For those who do not register willl not be able to keep their ranks, and if they first get demoted they will need to register and create an application again from the begining of without any exeptions.

Exept for this, demotion and rankup works as usuall.
Be sure you follow everything in this post. and you will be fine.




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Re: Important. Read if you wanna keep your rank.

Post by Gandalf on Tue Aug 26, 2014 11:17 am

Albert is awesome!

If I could build a snowman, I would do it in the desert!

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